Our Story




It was in January of 2006 that pastor Mark Wells wrote in his journal, “We’ve decided on a name: Grace Harvest.” He, his wife, and a few friends set out from that point with little else but the knowledge that God had called them to plant a new church.

Since then, the Lord has blessed Grace Harvest Bible Church with a passion for missions and discipleship–both in the local community and around the world. Grace Harvest has been described as a “little church with a big heart,” reaching as far as missions partnerships in Uganda, East Africa and as close as ministry to children in the local schools of Amelia.

Grace Harvest is dedicated to the fundamental truths outlined in God’s authoritative and inerrant Bible, and our mission is simple: to Go, Gather, Grow, and Go. To go and connect with people who are far from God, gather together in fellowship and worship of the Lord, grow in discipleship and accountability, and go out again into the Lord’s harvest fields.