Pastor’s Pen 03/28/2021

Pastor’s Pen 03/28/2021

Yesterday we dedicated the new children’s building. It has been such a blessing to watch God work through His people at Grace Harvest. This is yet     another example of what God will do when His   people pray and seek His will. Those individuals   who signed the charter in 2006 did not know what God had in store for them. Yet, we were determined to preach Christ crucified and see Him glorified through our lives. When God moved us to Amelia, we built our Church building in 2009. The average attendance was 66 people. Like the Charter  Members in 2006, we continued to keep Christ at  the center of everything we did.

As we begin to use the children’s building, nothing has changed as far as our mission is concerned. We are an outpost and not a fortress. God has called us to gather as His people to worship Him, serve one another, and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please join the Elders and I as we pray for God’s will to be done here at Grace Harvest.

Your shepherd,

Pastor Mark


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