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Shannon Sanford received Jan 15, 2024

Prayed for 13 times

My friend, Jonny Robinson had a heart attack Saturday night and will have to have bypass surgery. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Patricia Keffer received Jan 9, 2024

Prayed for 46 times

Thank yall so much for praying for my mother. She is 84 and had knee replacement. She is doing very good. She can walk without her cane and is finally independent again...prayer answered. Thanks again !

Erin Turner received Dec 22, 2023

Prayed for 54 times

UPDATE: Erin's grandmother passed this Sunday. She was a strong believer but still keep the family in prayer. The grandmother of Erin Turner has been hospitalized for the past several weeks. She has several health issues and now they have found put her in hospice and called in palliative care. They are calling in family also. she is 92. Please pray mercy for her and comfort for her family during this very hard time.

Beth Jones received Dec 22, 2023

Prayed for 71 times

UPDATE: Beth's mom is steady improving! Praise God! Ann Anderson, the mother of Beth Jones has been in the hospital for several weeks now. Her oxygen keeps dropping and they cannot find any reason for this. The family was told this morning that her body will either heal itself or she won't make it. Please pray mercy for this lady and her husband of 60 some years! Also, pray for Beth and Steve and their family during this very hard time.

Aimee received Dec 18, 2023

Prayed for 71 times

Luke Child starts his last week of chemo today and is supposed to be finished on Friday, Dec 22nd. Please pray for him to stay focused on Christ and for him to finish this week well. Please also pray for his mom Cici, as she drives him back and forth each day and maintains their home with the other 4 kiddos and Jeff

Janet received Nov 20, 2023

Prayed for 101 times

Praise- My sister-in-law Rachel went in last night (Sunday) for a heart transplant. Reports this morning from Dr is good. Her new Heart is functioning well. Thanks for all your prayers.