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Prayer Team received Apr 15, 2021

Prayed for 3 times

Please be in prayer for Erin Turner, she has ruptured a tendon in the bottom of her foot. Currently, she cannot put any pressure on the foot and may have to have surgery to repair it. Currently, there is no need for any help but prayers are much needed.

Patricia received Apr 5, 2021

Prayed for 11 times

My sister Debbie has Covid and Pneumonia. She is not doing very well at all. She can hardly get from one room to the other. Please pray for a speedy recovery. Thank you.

Cathy received Mar 9, 2021

Prayed for 25 times

Our neighbors Annette and Debbie are cousins, disabled and some heath issues, William(my grandson) and I help with their mail and trash. Debbie recently fell, had hip surgery and in rehab, pray for an opportunity to share the Gospel with Annette while she is at home alone as we find ways to help her.

Prayer Team received Mar 1, 2021

Prayed for 39 times

Continue to be in prayer for Red as he continues to heal from his stroke, plus he is now suffering from a broken wrist.

Prayer Team received Mar 1, 2021

Prayed for 37 times

Pastor Jamie's mother had neck surgery that did not go well. LuNell is struggling with things like eating due to swelling. Also where she is cannot go see her other than to stay for three days. Pray that God would minister there in both healing and gospel opportunities.

Prayer Team received Mar 1, 2021

Prayed for 24 times

We will be having a building dedication on March 27th alongside our Easter Treasure Hunt for the kids. Be in prayer that the building will be done by then and that there are no snags in the schedule.

Prayer Team received Mar 1, 2021

Prayed for 28 times

Pray for Anthony and Betsy Adkins as they will finally being laying his mother to rest on the 19th.

Prayer Team received Mar 1, 2021

Prayed for 33 times

Lisa Burn's mother broke her wrist Saturday. She will be having pins put in on Wednesday. Please be in prayer for her for a swift recovery without complications.

Aimee Patrick received Feb 28, 2021

Prayed for 36 times

Please continue to pray for Luke Child, his parents Jeff & Cici Child as the continue the battle against his cancer Ewing Sarcoma. Luke was admitted to John Hopkins last night with a fever that requires IV antibiotics every 8 hours until the culture returns.

Anthony received Feb 28, 2021

Prayed for 31 times

Please pray for my newest nephew Jaxon. He was born prematurely, and has complications one being a hole in his heart. Pray with me that God will heal him.

Prayer Team received Feb 28, 2021

Prayed for 31 times

Good Morning Grace Harvest. Thanks for your online ministry. May I ask for your prayers for my severe back pain. I pray for God to heal me so I may return to my ministry work this week. Bless you. Sis Maria -NC

Jeff Tucker received Feb 22, 2021

Prayed for 37 times

Please pray for my brother, Tony Tucker. He has COVID and has pneumonia and is getting worse. His oxygen is very low at this time.

Prayer Team received Feb 21, 2021

Prayed for 22 times

Update: Continued prayer for the final phase before the completion of the new family center. Specifically, pray for continued giving as we will transition towards debt reduction, new areas of service and those willing to serve.

Prayer Team received Feb 21, 2021

Prayed for 29 times

As you may know, the church is sending out 5000 mailers promoting our Easter services. Please pray that God would use this as an outreach to those in the area who may not realize we are here or that may be without a church during these hard times. Pray that God would be glorified in those who it will reach, but also use this as a time for the members of GHBC to look for new and more ways to serve the body.

received Feb 18, 2021

Prayed for 25 times

With guidance from our Lord and Holy Shepherd, BtB Outreach New Resident Ministry has mailed Welcome Letters, signed by Pastor Mark extending a personal invitation to visit GHBC, and an invitation to all Easter services, to all new and existing Amelia County residents who have purchased a new home. As my Christian brothers and sisters, please join me in praying that God’s work will bring about a thirst in these new residents to seek after our precious Lord and Savior and His Word. Please pray that hearts will be softened and will surrender to Him as He draws them to Himself, if it is His will. Please join me in expressing our humble thanks and praise to Christ for the privilege of serving Him and His kingdom. May Grace Harvest, His Church, alway bring all Glory to Him.

Prayer Team received Feb 5, 2021

Prayed for 46 times

Update on Michael Lehman: Please be in prayer for Mike and Donna as Mike is back home but needs someone with him. The men of GHBC will be staying with him during the week so Donna can work. Pray for peace and strength for Donna and healing for Michael. Also pray that we as their local church body will a source of comfort and encouragement for them.