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Anonymous received Sep 2, 2020

Prayed for 23 times

Pray for God’s will in Chuck and Rachel Lane’s lives. Pray for healing, comfort and peace. Pray for guidance and wisdom for the medical personnel. Pray that God is glorified throughout this trial.

Aimee received Aug 12, 2020

Prayed for 18 times

Please keep Cathy Comerford and her family and friends in prayer. Her husband of 37 years, Rob, went to be with the Lord this morning.

Aimee received Jun 16, 2020

Prayed for 21 times

Appreciate prayers for Wanda Lloyd. She is the mother to Brian Lloyd, who took over Fresh Water as Pastor from Bryan Patrick. She is in the hospital & being moved back to Critical Care with COVID, Pneumonia in both lungs and heart concerns. She does not have great health to start and COVID has made things worse for her. They had just put her in a step down unit and she's worse again. Brian & his wife Shelia have recovered fully from COVID. Brian's father, Chuck, could also use prayer as he is at home with a mild case of COVID. Wanda needs prayers for healing and peace, as no one can come to see her.

Richelle Tucker received Jun 6, 2020

Prayed for 27 times

Please keep me in prayer for healing and wisdom for the doctors. I have been having an pain and an intestinal issue for over 10 days, have not been able to eat much, and am finally on medication to help slow things down. I’m going in Monday afternoon for a complete ultrasound, the doctor wonders if it’s my gallbladder, but won’t know more until the results are back.

Bonnie received May 1, 2020

Prayed for 71 times

Please pray for Brandermill Woods residents and staff. Covid19 has found its way into the facility. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Victoria received Apr 28, 2020

Prayed for 22 times

Prayers please for the residents at medical respite for the homeless. Don't have names, but praying that though we are not able to be with them physically, the Gospel tracts, our letter of encouragement, the wonderful food representative of people who care, will nourish the spirits of those who are believers or through our outreach, draw those who are not Christians to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. thank you so much.

Victoria received Apr 14, 2020

Prayed for 31 times

Fervent prayer please for my 88 year old mother in a nursing home on LI, NY. There have been numerous cases of Covid and deaths. She is ok. They are doing the best they can up there, checking temps during the day, ready to follow protocols if symptoms show. Please pray for her and the other sweet residents that I can picture their faces and the staff...they are short with many sick.....also, my mother is not saved...please pray the Lord will have mercy on her soul and bring her to Himself. This weighs many of you know who have unsaved family whom you dearly love.... Thank you...