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Aimee Patrick received Dec 4, 2019

Prayed for 3 times

Our next door neighbor Rob has Cancer and has been undergoing Immunotherapy. He was admitted last night as he has been sick since Saturday. They are running some additional tests as well. Please pray for him& his dear wife.

Victoria L Pitrelli received Dec 4, 2019

Prayed for 6 times

These are prayer requests from a few of the residents we served at Medical Respite for the Homeless on 11/30. Please pray for all of the residents, even unmentioned here, God certainly knows. Please pray that He has used us to plant seeds in each of their hearts for those who don't know Jesus as their Savior and great encouragement and fellowship to those that do. Tony Locklear: health, finances, daughter. Also pray the Lord will continue His work in her heart and she will be a great testimony. Protection as well. George Boyd: health, a home. He has prostrate cancer and much treatment ahead of him yet no place to call home 😢 Big Al: go home to Spotsylvania. Latisha Allen: a resident Tony asked for prayer. She is undergoing dialysis. Vincent: prayed for the salvation of the residents there. May they come to faith in Christ.

Bill received Dec 2, 2019

Prayed for 8 times

Update on Michael Graham Michael is doing well, he is in the 6% that have such a positive come back after this type of health crisis. He’s home, and trying to begin getting back to life as normal as possible. He did suffer some shortness of breath issues that required a visit to a cardiologist. They did find a small aneurysm on his ascending aorta that they are going to monitor closely and see what happens as time passes. Continue to keep him in your prayers as you can well imagine, the knowledge of another small aneurysm is somewhat disconcerting.

Michelle received Nov 16, 2019

Prayed for 20 times

Update on My classmate Stacy from Connecticut: They received a call this morning (11-16-19) that a set of lungs came in. They will not know anything until sometime this afternoon if it’s a viable match. Stacy’s Co2 is at 100% and she has been off the ventilator. She is resting and excited! Please continue to pray! UPDATE 12/2/2019 - one of the 2 lungs that came in were not good for her so she is still waiting. Her oxygen levels are good due the machine that she is on, can’t talk due to her trache. Just waiting for a set of lungs.

Wes And Michelle received Nov 10, 2019

Prayed for 28 times

Wes has a co-worker whose name is Alita and she is requesting prayers for her daughter who lives in Memphis, TN. Her name is Kim. Saturday evening she was walking down the road and was hit by a car who then fled the scene. She is currently in the ICU, had to undergo surgery, removed her spleen and is currently on a ventilator. Wes will update once he hears more. Thank you.