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Jak received Jun 19, 2024

Prayed for 7 times

My sister Karen Is having a procedure to implant a " watchman" early tomorrow at Chippenham. She had been having some AFIb problems.

This Prayer has been answered!

Aimee Patrick received Jun 8, 2024

Prayed for 12 times

Guess who called me on FaceTime today..... Michael & Tammy DeHaven....Michael started the conversation with SURPRISE...I jokingly said are you home... And he said sorta as he handed the phone to Tammy. SHE HAS BEEN DISCHARGED! They live just over the 100 mile limit, so they needed a place to stay close by for her labs, cardiac rehab and weekly cardiac cath's for the first month. Their brother in law (who worked with us at Winchester PD) called a pastor that he met 25 years ago at Boot Camp. He was not only still a pastor, but still in the area AND their church has an apartment on the church campus that was available .... no steps, first floor, 2 bedrooms and a full kitchen! So not only can they stay 25 mins from the hospital, their kids can come and stay as needed! They also took them grocery shopping the first evening AND they are blessing them with no "rent" while they need to be there. PLEASE continue to pray for them as she heals. She is taking medication she needs daily, but in NO PAIN and even went for a walk today! Pray for their finances as well, as Michael is off of work to be with her.

Aimee Patrick received May 31, 2024

Prayed for 0 times

UPDATE on Tammy DeHaven : She is out of surgery! The doctors said it went better than he ever expected. Her new heart is functioning very well & she is on very little medication!

Aimee Patrick received May 30, 2024

Prayed for 12 times

Update for Tammy DeHaven. She is resting in ICU well. They have given her medicine to reverse her blood thinners. The transplant surgery will be at 8PM this evening and will take 12-14 hours.

Aimee received May 29, 2024

Prayed for 1 times

Please pray for Tammy DeHaven. They called her and they have a heart for her …she is on the way to the hospital to be admitted to ICU and have the transplant

Laurie Hibbard received Apr 10, 2024

Prayed for 76 times

Please continue to pray for Pastor Walt and Dodie. I am attaching her update. Thank you Update on Walt We met with the Radiologist, Dr. Chipko, last Monday, and he gave us the news that Walt’s tumors were a Glioblastoma grade 4, which is the worst, most aggressive cancer. In the next week to week and a half, he will start the chemo pill and radiation at the same time at St. Mary’s Hospital outpatient. The treatment will take 6 weeks. He will have an 18-24 month survival rate after the treatment (without the treatment the rate is 6-12 months). But God… ONLY HE knows his survival rate!!! We also met with Dr. Shaffer, his oncologist, the same day. Her team and Dr. Chipko’s are absolutely wonderful. They have all been so helpful and sensitive to our needs during this critical time. After the initial radiation/chemo pill, he will have a six-week break, and then, he will start the chemo pill again by itself. This will continue six months to a year. They will then re-evaluate and see how he is doing. Walt is getting stronger each day since surgery exactly one month ago yesterday…we know that there will be weak days during treatment, but he will continue with home health physical therapy and occupational therapy, as well as speech therapy during this time. Walt wants you to know how thankful and blessed he has been by Open Door’s Baptist Churches outpour of love to us during this time. For past ministry & school friends prayers and contributions through the go fund me site. You guys are the absolute best, and we want you to know that we are humbled by your love for us. His Servants, Dodie and Pastor