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Aimee Patrick received May 20, 2022

Prayed for 7 times

Please pray for Erin Farrow as she will undergo surgery for breast cancer on June 17th. Please pray for her chemo treatment that will follow the surgery. Please pray for her children (who she has not told yet...) Please pray for her to be able to share the Gospel in the midst of all the things!

Rachel received May 9, 2022

Prayed for 18 times

Please keep the family of John & Mary Anderson lifted up in prayer at the passing of his mom, Sandra Anderson.

Rachel Lane received Mar 28, 2022

Prayed for 73 times

Please be in prayer for Betsy Adkins who is suffering from Bells Palsey at this time.

Jeanna Phelps received Mar 21, 2022

Prayed for 79 times

UPDATE 5/17/2022 FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN THERE, CHECKED ON, STUCK BY, PRAYED, DONATED, ANYTHING TO OUR FAMILY WE AR SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU GUYS! His scans from a couple weeks ago looked great and showed no signs of cancer and he is healing up well from his HIPEC surgery, he went back to work 2 weeks ago as his strength is coming back. He will get scanned again after all his chemo treatments and then again a few months later to check progress! UPDATE 04/25/2022 After another procedure of a chemo wash, tests show that Tristan is clear! This is definately a praise! UPDATE: 04/11/2022 Tristan is doing well! He is healing from his surgery. The doctors are very confident they got everything but won't know anything for sure until the next scan but that's not for 3 months. His GI system is working and he starts chemo back up May 4th. Please continue to keep him and his wife Ashley and their three children in your prayers. 03/28/2022 UPDATE: He came home last Friday and it's been touch and go with pain in waves. He had his staples removed so now he has to take it really slow. Please continue to pray for healing and successful further treatment. Thank you for your prayers. 3/22/2022 UPDATE: Tristan has made it through surgery well, still in hospital recovering and will have an uphill battle for some time. Please stay in prayer for him and his family. Please be in prayer for Tristan Wiley, our Daughter in laws sisters husband and father to our “bonus” grandkids. He is currently in surgery having tumors removed from stage 4 colon cancer. This is a 6-8 hour surgery and very serious. Also please pray that God will call him to be His. Thank you.

Prayer Team received Mar 19, 2022

Prayed for 79 times

UPDATE 4/25/2022 Jay reported that his cousin is recovering well but is still in the hospital and has a long way to go. Please keep this family lifted up in prayer. UPDATE 4/11/22 After a long surgery last week to save his leg, he is now doing good but still has a long way to go. We have received word that Tyree, the cousin of Javier Owens (Jay), has been in a serious car accident. He was traveling out of town with his brother-in-law and was involved in a severe car accident. He is currently in hospital with severe injuries, but it is hard being far from home. We also want to be in prayer for the family of Tyrese's brother-in-law who was in the truck with him as he did not survive the crash. The Owen's family has seen much loss over the past year pray that God is glorified through even these tragic events.

Ruth Stubbs received Mar 8, 2022

Prayed for 88 times

UPDATE: 04/11/2022 Nathaniel is allergic to one of the chemo medicines and today at 2pm they start the desensitization process. It is highly risky and there is serious concern his heart will stop. He is also in a lot of pain as his body tries to heal from a recent surgery which is complicated by his low blood counts. 3/23/2022 UPDATE: Nathaniel has Burkitts Lymhoma in his lymph nodes and bone marrow. He started chemo this week. They do not have health insurance so they are paying out of pocket. My sister is here alone while the rest of the family is in South Africa. Pray for healing, strength for my sister and financial support. My nephew Nathaniel had emergency surgery on 3/6 to remove a cancerous mass. They had to remove part of his colon and some glands. They are waiting to test to see if all the cancer was removed. He is 18 and lives in South Africa. Please also pray for my sister Selina. She and her husband run an orphanage and are under a lot of stress.

Prayer Team received Dec 6, 2021

Prayed for 182 times

Please be in prayer as for the residents of the Wellspring Nursing Home as we are able to begin to minister there again. Pray that God will be glorified and lives changed.

Prayer Team received Sep 27, 2021

Prayed for 261 times

We want to continue to lift up those who are struggling with long-term health issues. Specifically, lifting up the Lanham's, Lehman's and Red Law.