Elder: Pastor Jamie Ezzell

Lead: Wes and Michelle Parrish

MISSION STATEMENT: To develop a foundation rooted in God's Word with personal accountability and meaningful fellowship through the building of Christ-centered relationships.

High School and Middle School Ministries

It is the mission of GHBC to show your teenagers where they can find absolute truth. This comes from Scripture. We gear the Youth ministry to move them from the Bible stories they learn as children to understanding why they believe these truths for themselves. We engage them to think and ponder upon God and His Word in hopes that their faith is their own and not a false hope.

Youth Studies

Teachers: Pastor Jamie, Zach Turner, Wes Parrish, Greg Poindexter, and Caleb Capps

Sunday Morning: We are currently teaching through Genesis, focusing and talking through the many issues that arise surrounding Genesis as we go through roughly a chapter a week. This is more of a group discussion here we really encourage interaction. @9am in the Grey Room

Anchored: We meet on Wednesday night at 6:30 for food, fellowship and study. GHBC provides pizza and drinks, and offers some fun games, and then a study of God's Word. Currently we are doing Ask The Pastor where you can ask Pastor Jamie and the rest of leaders any question you have regarding Scripture. Ever wonder "Are pets in heaven?" come ask and find out. Starting in April we will begin a walk through James. Wednesday night studies are geared towards delving deeper into theology and doctrine as we exegetically go through Scripture.    (We are currently meeting at the Cox residence until April 7th)

Youth Camps

Nothing seems to grow students more than getting away together, to struggle, compete, serve, and worship God along side each other. Each Year GHBC takes the students on a trip to fellowship and grow in Christ, these have have included Fuge camps and D3 among others in previous years. It has always been the goal of GHBC to choose camps which are theologically sound and provide safe organized events. Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 we have been unable to travel out of town. We are currently working on this years camp. Please stay tuned for more information.